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The idea is to build a storage box for my sister which she would use for her makeup.
I started to measure her makeup to get the sizes for the shelves:

  • heights: 11 cm, 7 cm, 6 cm, 5 cm (+ 0.5 cm width of the wood)
  • width: 22 cm: 22 cm + 0.5 cm + 0.5 cm = 23 cm
  • length: 3.5 cm, 5 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm = 3.5 cm + 5 cm + 4 cm + 5 cm + 5 * 0.5 cm = 20 cm

I will calculate a width of 5 mm for the wood.
And with this measurement I can start to design the box.

2D Design with LibreCAD

To get an idea how the box will look I made a quick 3D model first.
You can look up the steps under the 3D design tab.

I am starting with the bottom wooden plate.
On the right you can see that I measured the length of the sides.


After that I am going to add the plates on the left and upper side with the same technique.
In addition to that I will draw the pattern for the assembling later on.
I drew the pattern and deleted the lines with the divide tool.


For the additional plates I am also using the mirror tool.


To save me some clicks I am mirroring the sides and rearranging them with the move / copy tool.


Now I am having my outer box which I will test in Fusion 360 first before I begin with the inner plates.
If you want to see the testing you can click on the following link: 3D Testing.

The drawing is now corrected:

Fusion 360 Sketch

As the next step I will add the plates for the shelves.

I started with the holes in my already existing plates to make it easier to create the pattern.

Fusion 360 Sketch

For the plates I created the 5 cm one first and copied and ajusted the other ones.

Fusion 360 Sketch

Finally I can transfer the sketch to Fusion 360.

Go to: 3D Design of the final makeupbox

3D Design with Autodesk Fusion 360

I will start with a new sketch on the top:

Fusion 360 Sketch

Then I created the bottom of the box with the given measurements.

Fusion 360 sketch

I can now extrude the bottom into a 3D object.

Fusion 360 extrude

In the next step I will make new sketches on top of the box and extrude them into holes for the shelves.

Fusion 360 sketch Fusion 360 extrude

After extruding every hole I noticed that my measurements had a mistake. I calculated 0.5 cm too much.
To fix that I went back into my old sketch and corrected the 20.5 cm to 20 cm.

Fusion 360 mistake

To open the sketch I clicked on the bottom of my object and it showed me that it is linked to my sketch2.
Simply double click to open it, change the measurement and stop the sketch with the button in the upper right corner.

Fusion 360 sketch

We can see that the box changed because it depends on the sketch we extruded it from.

Fusion 360 sketch

Now we can cut the box. I added a line on the left side of the box where it should be cut.

Fusion 360 sketch

Thus I can split the box in two bodies based on the line.

Fusion 360 sketch Fusion 360 sketch Fusion 360 sketch

I will use this 3D model and the sketch as an additional help to create the 2D shapes.

Testing the outer plates

To get the drawing from LibreCAD we can simply insert the .dxf file into Fusion 360.
Open a sketch and click on "insert" in the upper menu and chose "Insert DXF".

Fusion 360 sketch

I extruded the sketch and got my 3D plates.

Fusion 360 sketch

Now we can move our bodies and assamble them.
Make sure to select the whole body when you try to move it.

I saw now that I made a mistake in the drawing of the pattern. It was 1 mm too wide.
I corrected it in LibreCAD.

Fusion 360 sketch

As we can see the pattern worked.

Fusion 360 sketch

However if we look at the side of the box we can see that there is a little gap in the upper left corner.
To fix that I will remove 5 mm of the height of the plate in the back and adjust the side plates.

Fusion 360 sketch

I am switching back to LibreCAD to correct it and to add the remaining plates.
Go back to: 2D Design.

3D Design of the final makeupbox

I will do the sketch step from above (extrude the sketch) again and assemble the plates.
And as we can see the box is finished and the pattern correct.

Fusion 360 sketch Fusion 360 sketch


  1. LibreCAD: makeupbox.dxf
  2. Fusion 360: Makeupbox.f3d